Zakria Street- a gastronomer’s delight

Have you ever thought of sampling the delicacies of Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, Hyderabad’s Old Quarters and Mumbai’s Mohammad Ali Road all at the same time? Don’t think that that’s possible right here in Kolkata? Did you know that for all these years the solid amalgamation of these electrifying places existed here in Kolkata hiding under the shadow of Kolkata’s biggest mosque – The Nakoda Masjid? During the holy month of Ramadan, this place throbs with crowds of both fasters and feasters.

While there are several makeshift stands here that sell their special festive delicacies, the established eateries out here serve “Ramzan Special” throughout the month.


For gastronomes and specifically meat lovers this place is nothing less than a paradise.  From Chicken Changezo which is a preparation made with some secret spices which have been named after the Mongolian invader, Chengiz Khan to a variety of grilled fishes, one is bound to find all kind of delicacies under one roof.  The haleem that you get in Zakaria Street is absolutely a dream which is made out of meat, wheat and pulses.  For the sweet of tooth, there is the most amusing Shahi Tukra, bread drenched in condensed milk and mounded with dry fruits, that one can find in the narrow by-lanes of this area. There are several stalls here which sell freshly baked breads including sheermal, bakarkhani and rogini roti.  Sevain is almost found in all the stalls. The mawa ladoos and the gulab jamuns are to die for. One should not miss out on tasting the Muscat Halwa which is a Turkish delight topped with aflatoons and the delightful baloo-shahi.

Trust us when we say that counting calories here is sacrilegious. This is a perfect place for strolling around and exploring. So you know where you are heading to this weekend, right?

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